Kraft Paper Cake Carrier Box



Disposable kraft paper lunch box with single window

Wrap Around Window Bakery Boxes

Display and package your baked goods using windowed bakery boxes. These boxes offer a one-piece box design with a solid colored exterior, white interior, and a crystal clear plastic window on the box edge for product visibility. Bakery boxes with a window are ideal for bakeries, restaurants, and more.

To use, simply fold and lock the side tabs of your bakery box together to create a sturdy box body. Insert your bakery items and fold the box lid over.

Wrap Around Window Bakery Boxes are one time use and recyclable. They are made of sturdy paper and PET plastic. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a strong, lightweight, shatter-resistant plastic. It provides a strong barrier against water vapor, oils, alcohols, and UV rays.

Size1:500ml,top: L15*W10cm,bottom:L13.5*W8.5cm,high:3.5cm

Size2:700ml,top: L17*W11.5cm,bottom:L15*W10cm,high:4.5cm

Size3:900ml,top: L17*W13.5cm,bottom:L15*W11.5cm,high:4.5cm

Size5:1200ml,top: L20*W14cm,bottom:L18*W12cm,high:5cm

Size6:1600ml,top: L21*W15cm,bottom:L19*W13cm,high:5.5cm


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