Coat Stand Hall Tree Furniture

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Vintage Coat Stand Hall Tree Furniture

The antique coat rack adopts a thick and thick solid hanging rod, with strong load-bearing, not cracking, deformation, low moisture content; easy processing, durable, stable structure, double-layer storage design; can place clothes or shoes, solid wood four corners are firmly supported, not afraid of shaking, Environmental protection wood wax oil, does not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, daub after showing wood natural texture, and to wood full of effect.

  • Multipurpose – Add extra hanging space for clothing retail store,cloth boutique,home,workroom,or dance room.
  • Perfect for hallway,entryway,bedroom,closet,laundry room or balcony
  • Easy To Assemble – We have  a clear easy straightforward instruction and installation tool in the package,additional tools no required. Easily complete the assembly by referring to the installation manual.
  • Use environmentally friendly wood wax oil, free of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, showing the natural texture of wood after rubbing, protecting the wood, sanitation and environmental protection standards, safe use, durable wood structure.
  • Details: strong bearing capacity, double-layer storage design, solid wood base, large contact area, not afraid of shaking, multi-function in one.
  • Two raw materials and two product colors for Vintage Coat Stand Hall Tree Furniture
  • Size for walnut: 60*36*165cm,80*36*165cm,100*36*165cm
  • Size for pine:60*36*165cm,80*36*165cm,100*36*165cm,120*36*165cm



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