Kraft Paper Salad Box with 2 Windows



Kraft Paper Salad Box with 2 Windows

Case Count: 100
Dimensions: 4.25″ x 3.75″ x 1.75″
Ship Weight: 22 lbs
Material: Kraft Paper Board with PLA Cornstarch Film
Decomposition: Biodegradable and Recylcable
Other: Grease Resistant and Leak Proof


Salad box made of water-resistant kraft board with a compostable cornstarch window. Green your deli or salad bar with this biodegradable packaging. Great choices for Kraft take out boxes, perfect for food but so pretty, they’ve been used as gift boxes, too! Perfect to go box for lunch, our kraft paper salad box with windows let you see the food and make it look very elegant. Great for salads, pies, cakes, and sandwiches, with an easy closing. These leak proof boxes have endless uses.


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