PET jar wholesale

A scrubbing cream bottle



PET jar wholesale

Made of food-grade PET material, strong seal, no leakage, reinforced and durable, drop-proof and pressure-proof; standard screw teeth, combined with the cap, tight and non-slip wire, the solution is not easy to leak out; raised design at the bottom of the bottle, not only beautiful, but also reduce the pressure of the bottle, anti-slip, anti-burst.

Article number:                      G6871C
Material:                                  Plastic
Plastic variety:                        PET
Related accessories:              With a black plastic lid
Specification:                          Teal transparent bottle (g)
Process:                                    Injection molding
Finish:                                      Silkscreen, foil stamping
Processing customization:   Yes
Capacity:                                  50ml,80ml,100ml,120ml,150ml,180ml,200ml
Tolerance:                               0.001


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