5 Star Hotel Towels



Wholesale 5 Star Hotel Towels

Luxurious Combed Cotton 100% Custom Embroidered Towels

Material: 100% Combed Cotton Yarn

Size1: 16 platinum satin squares 35*35cm weight 70 grams

Size2: 16 platinum satin towels 35*75cm weight 150 grams

Size3: 16 platinum satin bath towels 70*140cm weight 600grams

Size4: plush face towel 32*62cm weight 85gams

Size5: plush face towel 32*70cm weight 100gams

Size6: plush face towel 70*410cm weight 410grams

Size7: combed face towel 30*60cm weight 70 grams

Size8: combed face towel 32*68cm weight 100grams

Size9: combed bath towel 70*130cm weight 350grams




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